Bathroom Renovation

Small space renovation- Freshening up an outdated half bath.

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the state this bathroom was in except for…WALLPAPER. So bad, right!? We did TONS of work to this house in such a short amount of time when we first moved in during August of 2015. Frankly, it was exhausting, (while being eight months pregnant!) and we needed a break. This poor little space, that just so happens to be the bathroom that guests in our home use, has been severely neglected for over a year now! Watching all of that wallpaper come down was beyond satisfying. The walls and trim were both painted in my go to white paint- Valspar Ultra White base A in Eggshell. Pretty much our entire home is covered in that very same white. Its the perfect “color” if you’re looking for a white with zero color. So fresh and so clean (clean…)!

If you have seen any photos from the master bath renovation that we did last year, it's no secret that I'm totally obsessed with subway tile. I wanted this bathroom to have similar vibes to the master bath while also keeping things a little more on the simple side.  I love the idea of two completely separate ends of the house tying in together and complementing each other. This time around we chose to go with white grout with the white subway, and an even darker floor with dark grout. These black matte hexagon tiles are from and are totally amazing. As a first time online tile shopper, I must say I have not been disappointed at all! A lot more is happening to this small unlit space this weekend, and I can't wait to share more!

Click through HERE to view some of the inspiration for the renovation!