Before & After: Sunny's Room

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a little look inside my almost 6 year old daughter's playful and very pink bedroom! She is a classic 6 year old girl through and through and her room is definitely a reflection of her sweet personality. 


A majority of our belongings were in storage, including Sunny's toys when we were renovating our home in 2015. Her room was the first one we started working on because we wanted to get some of her toys moved in for her. Most of the updates needed in this room were cosmetic, just paint and floors. Right before the floors were installed, we started painting. She had been begging me to paint her room pink, and despite all of my attempts to pursuade her with white walls, she wouldn't let it go! So I went to Lowe's and picked out three different pinks that I thought were tolerable, because if it were up to her it would have been fuscia! We originally told her we would paint one wall pink, an accent wall, but as soon as she saw the paint going on the walls she was so excited and she begged me to paint all four walls. And who can say no to a super cute three year old?!

I tried to balance out the pink walls by using white accents and sticking to a blush and gold theme. I always joke that you can see the room glowing as you walk down the hall! I love how her closet has a lower rod that I can hang her outrageous collection of costumes and she can easily get to it. 

I tagged what I could, but if there is anything I left out, leave a comment! I hope you enjoy the photos of Sunny's whimsical room!